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EPISODE 70: Levelling up at BBD Live

December 06, 2023 Karen Davies Season 1 Episode 70
EPISODE 70: Levelling up at BBD Live
Digitally She Does It Podcast
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Digitally She Does It Podcast
EPISODE 70: Levelling up at BBD Live
Dec 06, 2023 Season 1 Episode 70
Karen Davies

Welcome back to another insightful episode of Digitally She Does It!

In this episode, I share my recent experience at the highly anticipated BBD Live event in LA and discusses my 3 key takeaways from the event.

I share my initial fears and uncertainties about attending the event, and the profound personal & professional growth that I experienced by stepping out of my comfort zone.

Join me as I dive into my transformative journey at BBD Live and uncover the valuable lessons I learned about facing fears, connecting with a supportive community, and embracing inner strength.

Listen to the full episode to find out more.

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Show Notes Transcript

Welcome back to another insightful episode of Digitally She Does It!

In this episode, I share my recent experience at the highly anticipated BBD Live event in LA and discusses my 3 key takeaways from the event.

I share my initial fears and uncertainties about attending the event, and the profound personal & professional growth that I experienced by stepping out of my comfort zone.

Join me as I dive into my transformative journey at BBD Live and uncover the valuable lessons I learned about facing fears, connecting with a supportive community, and embracing inner strength.

Listen to the full episode to find out more.

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Karen Davies [00:00:00]:

Hello, and welcome to the digitally she does it show. This is episode 70. And in today's episode, I'm going to be sharing my recent experience at BBD Live and talking about my 3 key takeaways from this live event so let's jump right in, and let's get started. Welcome come to the Digitally She Does It Show.

I'm your host, Karen, and I'm here to lift the lid on what it actually takes to create a successful business. If you are an ambitious creative ready to build a business on your own terms and without compromise, then this podcast is perfect for you.

With my award winning approach to marketing tin, an expert knowledge in creating online courses, this show will leave you feeling inspired, energized, and ready to bring those big dreams to life. Join me each week for a dose of motivation and marketing know how along with actionable step by step strategies to help you accelerate your businesses' growth.

Karen Davies [00:01:00]:

So let's dive in, and don't forget to subscribe to all my upcoming episodes which drop every Wednesday. Hello, and welcome. Thank you for joining me today. I am your host, Karen, and I really appreciate you hitting the play button to listen to today's episode. So in today's episode, I want to share my recent experience at a live event that I recently attended in LA. The event is called BBD Live, And I attended it because it's something that I've been attending for a while in terms of the program that I'm on so BBD stands for Business By Design, and it is delivered by a guy called James Wetmore. And this guy, he talks all about becoming a digital CEO and running your business as a digital CEO in the online space. Now I joined this program back in 2021.

Karen Davies [00:02:11]:

So this year is 2023. So of of the day of this recording, I've been a part of the program for a couple of years. And this program has been amazing. It's been life changing because what it's done, it's equipped me with the knowledge and the skills and the insights needed to build my business online. And so I said I joined the program back in 2021. I don't even know how it came to me. I don't know if I manifested it. It I wasn't following this guy.

Karen Davies [00:02:50]:

I don't even know. But before I knew it, I was handing over the money to be a part of this. And I've never regretted it. It's been a really great investment because at that time, I was looking for something that was going to take me to the next level because I'd been in the digital space for a while, I've been sort of building my business, and I needed something that was going to shift me forward. And there was nothing that I was coming across that really gave me what I needed at that time. And so along came Business By Design, and it it was a no brainer. It was very much the step that I needed to take as an investment not only in my business, for myself as well. But then, of course, when I joined, we were in lockdown, and so there were no live events happening, I didn't even know this was part of the program.

Karen Davies [00:03:51]:

And then I remember saying to my husband earlier this year that because I was so immersed in my learning, in the program, and in the community, if they were going to hold a live event then I would attend. I didn't even know at this point it was an option. And then a couple of weeks later, I received an email to say that BBD Live was taking place in Orange County at the beginning of December. And so it was a no brainer. I was ready to attend it. Now the event that I attended and my patience of the event, totally different. And I think the thing that probably attracts me to this program that I've been on is that the it's a very holistic approach to building a business. We can't build a business if our head is not in the right place, if we're being blocked.

Karen Davies [00:04:52]:

So this, for me, kinda gave me the internal teaching as well. So there is a bit of spirituality involved, and there is internal work that needs to be done alongside the external work of building a business. And I think for me, that was exactly what I was looking for because nobody that I really know in my inner circle it's trying to do what I'm trying to do, and I shifted. It was before lockdown, really, because I was creating my online courses. I was creating my digital products way before this was a seemed to be a a thing online. So I'd arrived at this time for doing this very early on, and so my thinking was already quite far advanced. And it and then when lockdown hit and then this just was a no brainer because business offline was heavily being affected, so it made absolute sense to kinda move completely into the online space. But I was already doing it years before, but I wasn't having those conversations with the people around me because they weren't where I was.

Karen Davies [00:06:19]:

And it it's just really interesting looking back because I was ahead of my time, really. A year into my business, I created a digital product, and I started selling online. And that was back in, what, 2018? So I have been doing this for a long time. Simon, so when Business By Design came along, I was ready to take it to that next level. So as I said, last week, I went out to the live event, in Orange County, and I've never traveled long haul by myself before. So my husband and I, we have been together since the age of 17. And when we've gone on holiday and we've taken trips, it's always been together because, largely the trips that we have is because of our family and because, you know, it's something that we are, doing together. So this was a really big deal for me to kinda travel all the way over to LA on my own because as I said, I've never done that before.

Karen Davies [00:07:20]:

Now I knew booking the event and booking my flights and all of that, I knew this would be a moment of growth, and I knew that I needed to be at the event. Don't don't ask me how I know. I just knew, and I didn't know exactly what we would be experiencing because they kept the agenda very tight. They didn't tell us anything. But I also knew, based on the experience that I'd had in the program, that it would be next level, and that's exactly what it was. And that's why today's episode, I really wanna talk about this because part of me expected to go to this event and to learn more sales strategies, more marketing strategies, and we did. You know, there there were aspects of the event that dived into that that we we they talked about Facebook ads, selling online, all of the stuff that I just love that I get really excited about, and I took a lot from that. But the shifts came from the other stuff that I didn't expect, I had realizations and light bulb moments that started to connect the dots, and that's really what I wanna share today.

Karen Davies [00:08:42]:

Now, firstly, I want to encourage you to have a look for events in your industry because I know it can be daunting to go to things on your own and to put yourself in a place of discomfort, which if you're anything like me, go into I don't mind networking. In fact, I'm I'm very chatty. I'm very sociable, and I've done years years of networking. So I can go into a room, and I can start making connections because that's what I have learned to do over the years in order to build my brand studio. But what I haven't done, and the thing that was really uncomfortable, was booking a trip on my own and traveling almost halfway across the world in blind faith that I was going somewhere that is that was gonna help me. And there was a real fear around that even up until the point that I booked my tickets. In fact, I booked myself my place at the event, and I was still unsure I would go. And it wasn't until I booked my flight I knew I'd go because I was sitting on the fence for a a long time because I think that the I think there was about 2 or 3 months before you know, between booking the event and booking my flights to to whether I was gonna go or not because I felt the fear.

Karen Davies [00:10:10]:

I felt that fear of going into the unknown, felt that fear of traveling on my own quite far in blind faith that it was actually going to mean something and it was going to make a difference to me. So if you haven't done that, I'm not saying you all need to go and jump on a fly a plane and go to the other end of the world and and, you know, for an event. But if you get the opportunity to go to an event in your industry that is going to help you and you are feeling the fear of doing it, then I really encourage you to push past that fear and to go because it can be life changing. I have just experienced something that I will never forget. Wherever my business goes in the future, this is a moment in time that I will never forget purely because of the conversations that I've had, the connections I've made, and the stuff that I've learned. It has been so incredibly powerful, and I would not now be sitting in the position I'm in feeling like this had I not gone. So if you are feeling any kind of fear as to whether you need to do something like go to an event or go to a networking group or even just join a community, then I really encourage you to do it because one of the things that I did realize over this weekend is that business is not meant to be built alone. You know, was the same rising tides and all of that? We need to be around our people.

Karen Davies [00:11:54]:

We need to connect with the right people in order to support our own needs, we cannot build a business on our own. It is stressful. It is lonely. It's a lonely path to take. And if you do not have the right people around you, you will feel that loneliness. So we need to be supported by the people in our space they are equally on a similar journey because those relationships are so incredibly important. Now this weekend, that's the thing, probably out of everything that I've taken away, I have met so many people that are like me that are trying to build something, build something important, build legacy, build something that's sustainable, that's going to be the thing that is driving us through to the freedom we want, and that's a big deal. So to be able to be surrounded by other people that are on a similar journey is empowering because listening to people share their stories and their own obstacles and challenges kinda makes you feel like, actually, you're not alone.

Karen Davies [00:13:08]:

We're all feeling this. We all feel the fear. We all get blocked. We're all telling ourselves stories that are just not true. And this is the thing. We need to be around the right people in order to recognize the fact that that's exactly what they are. They're just stories. We all have what it takes to be successful.

Karen Davies [00:13:29]:

If you have a business or you have an intention of creating a business, then that is born into you, which means that you're meant to do it, which means that you have the ability to do it. You have what it takes to create a business. You have what it it takes to create the dream that you are after. You just have to figure out how you're going to do that. And part of that figuring out is by surrounding yourselves with the right people because they're the people that are going to inspire you and motivate you, and it's through those connected conversations that you're going to then have thoughts about where to take your business or what to create in your business or how to take your business to the next level. So we need to surround ourselves by the right people. I think that is so paramount to achieving any level of success. Now that's probably one of the the most important takeaways that I have taken from this event.

Karen Davies [00:14:40]:

Somebody said to me yesterday, they were like, did you not feel lonely being on your own for the past week? And I just said to him, I said I was never alone because whenever I was at the hotel or I was at the event or even in the evenings, I was always with people. I made myself connect with others. Yes. It's uncomfortable because nobody wants to be rejected. But had I not done that, the ideas that have since come to me, I would never have had because those conversations that I had have taken my thinking to the next level. So, no, I never felt lonely. Yes. I traveled.

Karen Davies [00:15:26]:

I traveled over, what, 16 hours to go to this event. And there were times that, you know, I'd be sitting on the plane, and I'd be involved in my own thing, not talking to anybody. But, actually, I needed that time and I needed that space because that was time for me to think. That was time for me to just collect my thoughts and get myself prepared for what was then to come. So, no, I never felt alone, because I was always connecting with somebody, and it's those connections that will stay with me. Now in terms of a key takeaway, that's probably at the top of my list, because I think finding your tribe is so incredibly important, I had a realization a couple of weeks ago that when we sort of niche into our audience, and we do, we all need to take that time and niche down, I realized that my people are digital creators because I myself am a digital creator, and I've been creating in the digital space for years years years, so this is exactly what I know. And how I can help my tribe is by sharing my knowledge, sharing my skills and my experiences because whilst, yes, there are people that are ahead of me, I'm, of course, ahead of other people as well. And so because I build my business is being built on with heart and it's been built with passion and it's been built with purpose, that comes from being able to support other people and help other people grow and facilitate their growth as well.

Karen Davies [00:17:10]:

So for me, my tribe are digital course creators that are on the same trajectory as myself. And really nailing that down has been a really big shift in my own journey. So so that was my 1st takeaway. It's about finding your tribe, connecting with as many people as possible, and embracing those people because those people will be who will help you move forward in your business. My 2nd key takeaway, and this kind of sort of stems off the back of the first one, is that it's so important to be part of a community. Now I'm not just talking about your tribe because your tribe like, for me, as I said, digital course create. So for me, my tribe are digital creators, people that want to build in the online space, they want to create a business. They want to take their business online.

Karen Davies [00:18:13]:

They just don't know how. Or maybe they're at the start of their journey and they need that support and guidance to move forward. However, community comes from other places as well, and that's a really important thing to remember. I really appreciate anybody that is building a business. And it doesn't matter what sector, what niche, what industry because building business whether you're offline or online is hard enough, so having those connections with with people who are equally building something, I think, is really important. So even though my tribe are people that are building online, I appreciate the communities that I'm in that are equally that include businesses that operate offline as well because I think you can learn a lot from other people and other people's experiences as well. So that's my 2nd takeaway. It's community first.

Karen Davies [00:19:35]:

So if you're not part of an engaged community of people like you or people looking to create a business or people that are in business, then I encourage you to do so. They don't have to be in your niche because I think, you know, getting in a rounded view of business in general is important, but just join a community because, again, that will lift you up and it will help you to move forward. And then my 3rd key takeaway, and this is something that is really important and significant in whatever you do in life, it's about taking back our power. Now we are all powerful beings. We are. I know it sounds really cliche, and we don't often talk about this, but there are often times in our past where we give our power away to other people or to other things, we may not realize we do this, but we do. If someone upsets us and we get cross or we get angry or we get so we're giving them our power. We're allowing them to affect us in ways that we don't even rec realize.

Karen Davies [00:20:53]:

And so I think it's really important to have your power and to stand in that power. Now in the event and I really wanna share this because for me, this has been a game changer. So in any event, the one thing that we did do was meditative practice. And the reason for that was because it's all about connecting with your inner soul. And I don't meditate on a regular basis. I would love to, but a lot of the times, I'm in my head, and I forget to. So, again, I really appreciate being given that time to meditate. So on day 1, at the end of the day, we did this meditative tip practice where we kind of did this deep internal shift where we're taking something from our past, we're bringing it into the future, and we're letting go of it.

Karen Davies [00:21:52]:

Whatever that thing that you we were pulling from the past is a block. It's something that we've given our power to, and we're literally moving it and shifting it away. Now in that practice, we were told to sort of send it to the next day at 9:15. And in truth, we were probably all sitting there thinking, okay. Why 915? Why is this important? And then on day 2, we started the day's event in med in a meditative state. So the 9:15 was significant because that was when we were starting our next meditation. Now this meditation was a little bit different because we were given a spoon, which is a bit weird because when somebody says you about bending a spoon. You sort of look at them thinking that they've got you know, that they're a bit, you know, weird.

Karen Davies [00:22:50]:

But, anyway, this was what the meditative practice was about. It was about us bending a spoon whilst we were in a meditative state. So we were all given this spoon, and we were told to hold on to it and to hold it a certain way. And by holding it that that way, we could feel that to bend the spoon, it was going to be really challenging because of how hard the spoon was. So we were I think, collectively, we're probably all thinking that this was really bizarre. We didn't know where it was going. But you know what? We're at the event. We'll go with it.

Karen Davies [00:23:25]:

Anyway, as we do we've been put into this meditative state. We're being obviously talked through this this process and then we go deeper and deeper into this practice. And then it there's there's a there's a piece in there, and this is the thing that kinda really sticks with me, they were talking about going to a time and a place when you were at your most powerful I'm connecting with that energy force. And what was really I mean, I was cynical. I have to hold my hands up and say, you know, I I was cynical. I get the whole meditate meditation stuff. But in this instance, I was like, you know, this is really bizarre. I'm really cynical.

Karen Davies [00:24:09]:

However, when I was in meditative state, I was holding the spoon, and the lady that was sort of delivering, the the meditation, she said about connecting to a time and a place where I felt powerful, where I was at my most powerful, where I was connected to to myself and the thing that I was able to do. And instantly, I went to that moment where I gave birth to my my daughter, and it was so powerful. Like, I I can't even as I'm talking about this, I don't feel like I'm even doing it justice, but it was incredibly powerful because I just felt completely connected with myself and who I am as a person and what I'm capable of doing. And then without me realizing it, I was bending my spoon, And it was really bizarre, but I didn't even realize I was doing it. But I was actually bending this really solid spoon, and I sort of bent it in so so that literally it it's bent in half. Anyway, at the end of the meditation, we come out and everything, thing and I'm I'm getting really teary through the meditation. So something's obviously happening. Something's connecting and shifting and all that stuff.

Karen Davies [00:25:27]:

And then I come out to the meditation, and I'm bawling my eyes out. And this is this is me, me little miss cynical, and I'm just feeling overwhelmed with all of these emotions. And then I think I just get this really clear realization that if I can bring 2 healthy children into the world, 2 life forces that I have kept alive for 11 years 9 years, then building a business should be really easy. And this is the realization. I think we we put things in our heads about how challenging and difficult things are, but we're making it difficult and we're making it challenging. And actually if you break it down, we can simplify what we want to happen. We have it within us to do the things that we need to do in our lives to have the life that we want, we we are all capable. I was capable of giving birth to 2 children, and I think that is the the out of everything you can do in life, that is the biggest thing.

Karen Davies [00:26:38]:

So if I can do that, then I can create the business that I want. And I think that was a moment at the event that I think will stay with me forever because that realization has really shifted some blocks that I be I've been carrying around. And so I really wanted to share this today because, obviously, what I'm talking about is a bit woo woo. So if you're not very woo woo, then I get that this might be something it may be a little bit like, really? Bending a spoon? Whatever. But, actually, for me, it was a moment in time that was significant because of what it represented. And today, I have the spoon on my desk to remind me of how powerful I am. But it isn't just about how I am. We all have it within us, and so that's the thing that I really wanted to share off the back of this experience.

Karen Davies [00:27:33]:

The event itself was incredible. And that was one moment in in a 3 day event that really stood out for me mainly because I was really cynical, and I probably didn't. I I just thought it was nonsense at the beginning. But going through that practice, going through that, those emotions, I'm really connecting to exactly who I am and what I want and my capabilities, I came out with something shifted, and I think that's the key. It doesn't matter what it is, whether it's bending a spoon in a meditative state or it's going to see an energy healer or it's, I don't I don't know. Whatever whatever you need to do to really work on your internal being, I think it's so incredibly important because if you are feeling blocked right now because maybe you want to launch something, maybe you want to create a product, an online course, a membership, a program, but you're really feeling that fear and you don't know if you have what it takes, then I guarantee you, you absolutely have what it takes. The problem is that fear is most likely getting in your way. So whatever you need to do to move that fear and to push past it, then I would encourage you to do so.

Karen Davies [00:28:56]:

I have left that event having gone through the things that we've gone through, feeling so different. I have so many plans for next year. I'm going to be launching my group program, which is going to be about building a powerful brand online for digital creators that are looking to sell online. And that's a really big thing for me to sit here and be really open about it because normally, I'm the kind of person that I like everything. I in doubt. I want everything perfect before I put it out to sell, and I'm not going to do that. I'm going to be talking about this because there is magic in the imperfection, and we all need to be doing this. If you have an idea about something that you want to released next year, you have to start talking about it.

Karen Davies [00:29:47]:

You have to get it out there, and you have to start formulating it. Do not wait until you have everything nailed down because the conversations that you will have around your idea we'll evolve your idea, and that is what is important. So as I said, next year in January, I'm going to be releasing my beta launch of my program that is going to be taking a a a digital creator from the start to selling online and building their brand online so that they can get that visibility that they need in order to stand out. So that's what my group program is, and then I'm going to be launching my own community, which is going to be helping digital creators become visible online because that's my thing. That's what I know. So that's what I'm going to do. I'm I'm releasing it. I'm I'm talking about it, and I encourage you to do the same as well.

Karen Davies [00:30:45]:

We are all work in progress, and I don't believe in business there's ever a finished place, I think there are just levels. So my encouragement to you is if you are struggling and you are feeling as though you un you don't have the confidence to release your thing into the world, then please go and find whatever you need to remove those blocks, you need to be brave and you need to trust in yourself because I promise you, you have what it takes. I sit here today having run my business for the past 6, 7 years, having won awards, having done many, many different things, having sold, and I still doubt myself. And that's why I released this podcast because I wanted to talk about these things that are challenging. And so this is why the event for me has been a game changer. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to today's episode.

I hope you found this episode of value, and, of course, please feel free to share it with others who you may think would also benefit from listening to today's episode if you're feeling inspired and would like to know more about how you can work with me, then visit my website

I will be back next week with another episode, but until then, have a great week.

Karen Davies [00:32:17]:

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the digitally she does it show. Don't forget to check out the show notes for all the links and resources mentioned in today's episode, new episodes drop every week on a Wednesday. So why not rate and subscribe so you never miss an episode? Thank you for tuning in and I will see you next time.